Car Chat with Dr Pixie McKenna

Dr Pixie McKenna

Dr Pixie McKenna

We talk cars , gadgets and dream locations with Dr Pixie McKenna

Dr Pixie is best known for her work on the Channel 4 series, Embarrassing Bodies and is the author of Dr. Pixie’s First Foods

Your current car – Love at first sight or just a means to get from A to B? It’s a Landrover Discovery which I share with my husband so rarely drive! I’m safer driving a bike he says!

What does it say about you? Probably that I’m an idiot because it’s a countryside motor but we live right in the city!

What’s under the bonnet? No idea-I barely know where the diesel tank is!

Petrol head or Sunday driver? Sunday driver-slow bird-scared of overtaking but fond of taking in the view!

What was your first car? A navy VW Polo.

Dream drive in dream location? Sardinia in any type of soft top.

Do you have a favourite car gadget? Yes when we bought our car I insisted on a fridge-it keeps your drinks cool and stops your chocolate melting!

Who taught you to drive? My Dad was a GP (now retired) and one of his patients taught us all how to drive. I was useless-it took me 3 attempts to pass my test!

Whom do you most admire in your profession? The doctors and nurses who devote themselves to helping refugees and victims of  poverty and disaster. That’s a real vocation.

What was your best career decision to date? Saying yes to going on the telly.

What is on your car stereo right now? I hate noise so if I’m in the car on my own I just talk to myself. If my daughter is in the car I have any kind of noise going on…she loves One Direction

One item you couldn’t live without? My husband without whom I would be lost. My mobile because if I lost my husband I would never be found without it!

How do you relax? I adore shopping, it puts me in a totally chilled zone. But I have to shop on my own without interruption or a conscience!

Passenger you’d most like on a long journey? My husband although he wouldn’t travel with me unless he was driving. My boxer dog Dinky-she’s a true companion.

Passenger you’d least like? My daughter if she’s got out of the wrong side of the bed!

8th March, 2018

Author: wheelsforwomen

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