Car Park Hell

carparkFrom wayward pedestrians to poor design, Caroline Kidd lists the most annoying car park features that are enough to make anyone turn around and go home.

1)      Kerbs – Monster kerbs to scratch your alloys and front wing against on the way into the car park.

2)      Pillars – If the kerbs don’t get you, the pillars will. Underground car parks can be full of pillars that you never seem to know how close you are to until you hear the scraping sound.

3)      Two-way traffic – Another feature of badly designed car parks is a two-way traffic flow system when a one-way system would be much more efficient and less stressful for users.

4)      Lighting – Underground car parks where the lighting is so poor that there should be a sign before you enter reminding you to put your night vision specs on before entering.

5)      Too tight spaces – Cars have got bigger over the years so don’t be surprised to come back to your car and find yourself squashed between a Renault Espace and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

6)      Trolleys – Beware the floating, ownerless trolleys ready to drift into your path (or your parked car).

7)      Pedestrians – Watch out for the pedestrian who will saunter behind your car paying no attention at all to your reversing lights.

8)      Other drivers – They will cause you endless trouble in the car park, be it taking up two spaces or showing complete disregard for your paintwork when opening their car doors. But an honourable mention must go to the driver who returns to their car, takes ages to put the shopping in the car, return the trolley, and then may decide to ring a friend or have a sandwich. All this while you wait patiently for them to get a move on so you can take their space.

9)      Bad surfaces/drainage issues – Look out for the glorified fields or other poorly surfaced yards masquerading as car parks. It is not pleasant to step out of the car and slither around in some muck or a few centimetres of standing water. Sometimes they have the audacity to charge us for parking in a swamp too.

10)  Price – Have you ever experienced that feeling of panic that sweeps through your body when you put your ticket into the pay machine? The feeling of dread when you realise you have “gone into the next hour” by just a matter of minutes? We’ve all been there. Some car parks are just too expensive for the pleasure of parking in them!


What annoys you most about car parks?

 Caroline Kidd

6th March, 2014



Author: wheelsforwomen

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