Caravans top motorists summer driving dislikes

summer_drivingA recent survey by HPI reveals the pet peeves for Brits hitting the road this summer

Apparently being stuck behind a caravan or tractor is the thing motorists find most annoying about summer driving! Bank holiday tailbacks come a close second (42%), followed by boy racers blaring loud music out of open windos (32%), in the top 10 summer driving dislikes.

As the summer temperatures continue to soar, tempers may also reach fever pitch on UK roads, as no air-conditioning (22%), driving in flip flops (11%) and hot steering wheels and seats (28%) test the patience of respondents to the survey.

Women are more likely to get annoyed by these things, than men, with 28 of female drivers irritated by driving with no air-conditioning, compared to 18% of men. Whilst 50% of women also hate hot seats and steering wheels, men don’t seem to mind as much. More women than men find it stressful when children complain on long journeys (20%), in contrast to just 6% of men.

Looking at the generation gap, it might be surprising to see that drivers over 60 are more likely to get annoyed by caravans and tractors, boy racers and tailbacks compared to the 18-29 year olds.  The younger drivers, whilst also equally irritated by caravans and tractors, get hot under the collar about the lack of air conditioning and steering wheels and seats burning them.

So here is the top  Summer Driving Dislikes

  1. Being stuck behind a caravan or tractor
  2. Bank holiday tailbacks
  3. Boy racers pumping out loud music
  4. Lack of air-conditioning
  5. Hot steering wheel / hot or sticky leather seats
  6. Forgetting sunglasses on a sunny day
  7. Children complaining on long journeys
  8. Driving in flip flops
  9. Sunburn on one arm

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30th July, 2014



Author: wheelsforwomen

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