Citroën DS3 Faubourg Addict

The Faugburg addict styling takes its inspiration from the Numero 9 concept

The Faugburg addict styling takes its inspiration from the Numero 9 concept

We drive Citroën’s DS3 with the new Faubourg Addict Pack, a car you’ll never have a problem finding in the supermarket car-park.

What is it?  Four years ago Citroën revived the DS name and at the very heart of  this revival is the DS3.  A car that has turned heads and changed hearts and introduced a whole new generation to Citroën.

Who is it aimed at? The DS3 is essentially a supermini but is designed for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

Styling? The special edition DS3 with Faubourg Pack comes with a very chic DS logo design on the roof that is also laser-etched into the door mirrors. Our test car came in  “Whisper Purple” a deep black with subtle shades of violet, finished with stunning diamond effect alloys wheels with the same deep purple coloured caps.

Under the Bonnet? The  DS3 DSport  comes with a 115 horsepower  ‘e-HDi’ low-emissions diesel engine which delivers an incredible fuel economy figure of 74.4 mpg for a mix of city and motorway driving.

Laser-engraved wing mirror housings

Laser-engraved wing mirror housings

What about inside? Inside the DS3 is one’s of its great charms, and its beautifully stylish with a delicate balance of retro chic and modern chrome.  Space upfront is good and the driving position is particularly comfy.

As a three door, four-seater it’s not the easiest for tall adults to wriggle into the backseat although it can be done it’s a little on cosy side once back there. Probably best to think of the rear space as extra storage for handbags and shoes – after all you can never have too many of either. The boot has 285 litres of space so while not huge it is decent enough for a car of it size and ample for any impromptu trip to the shops.

On the Road? On the road the car is lively and responsive and it handles so reassuringly; turn it into a bend and there is plenty of grip. The ride is a little hard and while it is not uncomfortable you will notice any imperfections or bumps on the road.

And Safety? Not only are there bags of style for your money the DS3 comes standard with a variety of safety features including electronic stability control, traction control and host of electronic aids to keep you and yours safely cocooned.

Options? The three-door version on test has an on-the-road price of £18,250,  the Faubourg Pack adds £500 to the overall cost.

Diamond-effect wheels with Whisper-colored centers coordinated with the body paint

Diamond-effect wheels with Whisper-colored centers coordinated with the body paint

Economy? The e-HDi DS Sport is not only fuel sipping but CO2 emissions are a mere 99 g/km so qualifies for free road tax.

Verdict? The DS3 is the one to opt for if you want to impress your friends. Its fun to drive, economical to run and easily one of the coolest cars around. A DS3 with a  Faubourg Addict pack may scream “Look at me!” but at £500  more we are not convinced it’s worth the extra money. Stick with a “basic” DS3 and you won’t be disappointed.

Why you’ll buy one?
Styling; Options; Fun to drive

Why you won’t?
Price; Rear Space; harsh ride



Mini Cooper Hatch – priced from £15,300

Fiat 500 – priced from £10,160


Citroën DS3 Faubourg Addict

Engine: 1560cc diesel engine, 115 bhp @ 3,600 rpm. 
Max speed: 
 118 mph
0-60 mph:  
9.7  seconds
Emissions (Motor Tax) :
  99g/km (£0)
Model price range: £12,495 –  21,650 (Test Car – £18,250)
No of Doors: 3 doors
Euro NCAP :  5 stars
Fuel type:  Diesel
Fuel Economy (combined cycle): 74.4 mpg
Boot Capacity Seats up(down) : 285 litres (980)
Car Seats: 2 Isofix fittings in the rear
Length: 3948mm
Width: 1715mm
Height: 1483mm
Wheelbase: 2464mm


For more information check out  or the Citroen UK facebook page

Geraldine Herbert

3rd April, 2014

Author: Geraldine Herbert

Motoring journalist Geraldine Herbert is the founder of wheelsforwomen. A jury member for the International Women’s World Car of the Year, she has been a motoring journalist for over ten years and is the motoring expert for Good Housekeeping Magazine and their “Women at the Wheel” section of You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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