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An early start for a trip across the country lead me to an industrial estate in Redditch where you are greeted with a forecourt of familiar classic cars writes Hannah Gordon

The Great Escape Cars team is headed by Graham and offers people the chance to pick four different ways of driving classic cars. The advantage of classic car hire is that you can give the car back and don’t have to deal with any of the maintenance that surrounds them. As an owner of a classic car I know how temperamental they are, it would be nice to never have an issue but apparently, an old car going wrong is characterful, I sometimes disagree.

The first option available at Great Escape Cars is the taster session which allows a 60-minute long drive in a classic of your choice which starts from £39. It’s a great way to get a feel for a car and an hour is plenty of time to really experience classic motoring.

The second is a road trip package which can either be a half or full day, the half day includes driving 3 different cars and the full day you get behind the wheel of 5 classic cars. A course is set out and you can enjoy some wonderful Cotswold scenery which really goes well with a 1960’s Jaguar.

If you have a certain car in mind that has been a childhood dream to drive then the daily hire could be the choice for you. This means you can really spend time travelling the country getting to know the car’s quirks and character that sets it apart from modern machinery.

If a day simply isn’t long enough then try a two-day tour that combines a short break away and driving, all accommodation and meals are organised and there is a choice of the Black Mountain Run or Destination Evo tours.
If you would like more information or check out what cars and tours are available then check their website.

Hannah Gordon
10th April 2019


Author: Hannah Gordon

A mechanic with over 8 years Hannah’s love of cars began at a young age. Holidays and weekends were spent helping out at a family friend’s garage passing tools and making tea. You can follow Hannah on Twitter at @femalemechanic1

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