Driving tips to ensure you survive even the hottest heatwave

heatwave_wfwSummer is back and with temperatures set to soar into the high 30s and possibly higher we’ve got ten driving tips to  help ensure that you and your car survive even the hottest heatwave

  1. When driving in extreme heat, water is crucial to avoid dehydration so have plenty of bottled water in your car
  2. Make sure your phone is fully charged
  3. Never leave your child or pet in the car, unattended, even for a few minutes, in the heat.
  4. Avoid travelling at peak times, if you’re traveling a long distance, leave early in the morning or late at night.
  5. Sounds obvious but wear appropriate clothing. Wearing light coloured clothing made of natural fabrics will keep you cooler longer.
  6. Check your tyres are properly inflated and check your oil level.
  7. Make sure that your air conditioning (if you have it!) works properly.
  8. If the engine starts to overheat, pull the car over immediately and wait for assistance. Continuing to drive even for a short distance could cause irreparable damage to the car and cost you significantly more in the long run
  9. When parking, try and keep your car in the shade
  10. Having an emergency kit is always handy to have in your car.


Geraldine Herbert

14th July 2022


Author: Geraldine Herbert

Motoring journalist Geraldine Herbert is the founder of wheelsforwomen. A jury member for the International Women’s World Car of the Year, she has been a motoring journalist for over ten years and is the motoring expert for Good Housekeeping Magazine and their “Women at the Wheel” section of goodhousekeeing.co.uk. You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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