Ideal Gifts for Car Lovers

petrolhead-presents_mainIf you have come to the end of the road for car enthusiast gift ideas, then you have come to the right place.


Believe it or not, the amount of vehicle-related presents out there is surprisingly long, so let us navigate you round our top five gift ideas for varying budgets and steer you towards making a decision.

Driving experience days


A true petrol head will embrace any day out where they can spend the entire day behind the wheel. That is why driving experience days have become so popular. There is something for everyone, from monster truck driving to trying out a supercar at a racetrack. Off-road challenge days are quite fun as it gives the driver the chance to ramp up the adrenalin or for something completely different there are centres that provide tank driving lessons which can include car crushing.


Valeting and polish servicing


If the person you are buying a present for is proud of their car, or partial to cleanliness, a full valeting service might make a unique gift idea for them. Keeping a car clean is an important part of its maintenance, but not many people often have their vehicle valeted on a regular basis. A valet is a deep clean and should also include polishing and waxing. In most cases the interior will also be fully shampooed and tyres and floor mats should also be cleaned and dressed. Make sure you find a reputable valeter and find out what their service will involve as it can differ depending on where you go.


Personal plate


To some people, having personalised number plates gives their car individuality and can sometimes even be an investment. Buying a personal number plate is an original gift, as no one plate will be the same. There are so many number and letter combinations that could be utilised for a car plate, so have a think about what the person you are buying for might like. Do they have a name that could be replicated or a job which could be spelt out? Using UK companies like Absolute Reg, which has over 42 million number plates to choose from, would be a good starting point. The firm’s search process is simple and there are no hidden costs so you will know exactly how much you are spending. Not only that, but Absolute Reg will do all the hard work for you, including informing the DVLA of the new registration, so all you have to do is pay for the plate and wrap it up.


Grand Prix tickets


For many car lovers, Formula 1 British Grand Prix is one of the greatest sporting events, which is why tickets to the event from a specialist sports tour operator would make a great gift. The iconic Silverstone circuit has a variety of weekend ticket options available and payment can be spread across several months to help ease the financial burden. As well as the racing there are lots of other activities that take place across the weekend, such as live band performances, bungee trampolines, segways, and Red Arrow displays.


Modest spends


For those who have a much smaller budget and looking to buy more of a token gift there are still lots of things out there. New mats, high-quality cleaning products, a windscreen cover, a tyre pressure gauge, an in-car phone charger, or a full tank of petrol are all great present ideas, which are also hugely practical. If there is no budget to buy anything, there is always the option of rolling up your sleeves and washing your petrol head’s pride and joy. Other options could also include checking their tyre pressures, filling the oil tank up or ensuring the screenwash has been topped up. Whatever you choose to buy – or do – for your car-lover, remember it does not matter how much is spent, because it should always be the thought that counts.

21st February, 2017


Author: wheelsforwomen

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