Looking After Number One

hornThere are numerous tactics that can be used to distract and divert your attention when driving

Pedestrian/cyclist falling to the front of your car – This could be a ploy to get you to stop and allows another person out of your view to you’re your doors and access your car.

Stop and be ready to drive around the pedestrian. Blow your horn, keeping your hand on it constantly if you suspect anything developing.

Rear end shunt – A small bump by a following car could be pure inattention or a reason to get you to stop and confront the offending driver.

Be suspicious and stay in your car, doors again locked. Get ready to drive away or again activate the horn warning if you think things are more devious than just human error.

Once on the move, wave to the car involved to follow you. Drive to the nearest Garda/Police Station or a busy Petrol Station to sort things out.

If you have to get out of the car, take the keys with you. Do not react by jumping out of your car and leave the keys in the ignition.

Should you be confronted by someone armed, do not get into any verbal or physical resistance with him or her. Do not chase after them – they may have others waiting in their defence.

Should you be in a kidnap situation, try to exit the car at the first opportunity – NOT while it is moving.

If at all possible, never agree to be kidnapped. Throw your keys away, shout as loud as you can and if feasible, run away.

If possible hit the emergency phone number 999 on your phone and leave it live, so that the Emergency Service operator can be made aware of your situation. Keep shouting the location and what is happening to you.

 26th May, 2014


Author: wheelsforwomen

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