Rachel Allen Drives the Audi Q7

RachelAllenAudiw1Rachel Allen was brought up in Dublin and left home at eighteen to study at the world-famous Ballymaloe Cookery School. Author of four bestselling cookery books, Rachel is now a busy TV chef, author, journalist and mother, and still teaches at Ballymaloe.

What was your very first car?
I bought my first car around 20 years ago in 1992 and it was a Renault Clio.It was a great little motor, black, quite cool and I was delighted with it. Actually, I was delighted with myself and my new car, as it’s something of a ground-breaking moment when you are young and make your first car purchase; you really do think you’ve come of age.

What do you like about the Q7?
What’s not to like – it has seven seats – essential for my lifestyle and It’s incredibly spacious. I have three children and an Au Pair and I invariably have groups of children in the car after rugby and all sorts of sports. Safety is a huge factor for me in my choice of car and the Q7 has outstanding safety features. With children and their friends to ferry around, safety is paramount.It’s extremely comfortable to drive, but it also feels sporty – I love the look of it.

Any funky features?
The music system is fantastic and I love the stop / start feature, which is so fuel efficient.

Is there anything you don’t like about the Q7?
Actually, no there really isn’t.

Describe your style
I tend to have a quintessential classic look and dress quite simply. I go for simple classics and usually avoid big, vibrant prints. Although it has to be said that sometimes the inner, wanna-be rock chick comes out in me and my look can be quite statement and bold.

Does this car fit with your style?
Completely – classic, practical but fabulous!

Who would you recommend this car to?
Parents with children or people who are busy and need a lot of room in their car for work or sports equipment. I live in the country so it’s great for country living and is really robust and sturdy on the roads.

What do you never leave home without?
My passport and my phone. Even if I’m not phoning friends, I play the Words with Friends app, so it accompanies me everywhere I go.

Who would be your dream passenger?
Michael Schumacher – my husband says I drive like him, but I’d really like some lessons and tips from an F1 driver.

Ideal road trip for the Q7?
Simple, I would like to tour from Cork up to the north of Ireland via the Ring of Kerry, Galway and Donegal – taking in lots of fabulous restaurants along the way.

What CD are you listening to in your car?
I plug in my iPhone so it’s really a mixture of everything from Kings of Leon to Bob Marley and a little Leonard Cohen thrown in for good measure.

Describe the Q7 in three words
Ticks every box!

Author: Geraldine Herbert

Motoring journalist Geraldine Herbert is the founder of wheelsforwomen. A jury member for the International Women’s World Car of the Year, she has been a motoring journalist for over ten years and is the motoring expert for Good Housekeeping Magazine and their “Women at the Wheel” section of goodhousekeeing.co.uk. You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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