Renault Captur

The Renault Captur is a striking looking carr /> Images by Lara Platman

Lara Platman gets behind the wheel of Renault’s very stylish Captur

It is my first time testing a car for about two years. As a motoring journalist, I had refrained from going on press launches and receiving cars for the weekly trial, mainly because my editorial work took another strand and corporate photography work (my passion) kicked in. I also was very happy with double de clutching on my days off with my restored classic. However, now it is time to choose another modern car to buy and the lucky thing that I am I managed to borrow a Captur for a week from the lovely people at Renault Press office and I must say I am loving it.

Testing the car
My way of testing a car is figuring out if it can overtake with ease on a motorway. Tick. If it can handle the three roundabouts close together on the Woodstock Road with ‘slight’ speed and fluidity when you can see that there are no other cars on to mess up your fun. Tick. That it can handle Fish Hill, upwards. Tick. That you can climb in the back and sort of lay flattish (as a Photographer I often need to wait out the weather without the need for B&B’s). Tick. I can charge up my cameras, phone and computer and torches. Tick. Overall this car ticks my boxes.

Inside view
With a good set of Continentals already on the Captur, this chassis held well to the road, felt safe with my forever dream of overtaking in the middle and fast lane (remember I am used to a double de clutch 55mph classic) and the interior had a good set of materials that felt and looked smart. The Infotainment system was easy to use and the Sat-Navigation really easy. It even told me to divert on upcoming traffic. Bluetooth was easy to connect and the sound system on the radio was deep and solid.

On the road
I had assumed the Renault – Captur Iconic dCi 90 was a 4×4, a 4 wheel drive car from the advertisements in the car showrooms, alas it is front-wheel drive with simply the SUV look, however, I am sure with a good set of winter tyres on this robust car will be fine in our British winters.
I had gone into wanting a new car to replace my older four-wheel drive car, as I thought that I would be travelling to the far-flung places and would continue to need the extremes that such a car offers. But actually, motorways, city driving and a slight farm track might not actually require such robust engineering and locked driveshafts in the end.

Easy to live with
This Renault will serve well in low emission cities, motorway adventures and trips with my camera kit.
Colour and style is something I have not yet mentioned, primarily because – that really has not been on my tick list. I really do not care much about what colour cars are except this lovely burnt orange colour is super. And the style? Well, it is modern, and fresh looking and certainly an eye-catcher. I rather like it. So what next on my hunt for a modern car? I think this is a good contender as it ticked every box and is within my price range. It also will allow me to keep the car for a good 5 or so years which, I think is my main sort of agenda.

Thank you, Renault, for letting me test drive this car. I felt cool, and would be proud to turn up at my photographic jobs in this car.


For more info on the Renault Captur check out , the Renault UK facebook page, or follow them on twitter


Lara Platman

11th September 2019

Author: wheelsforwomen

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