Slippery when wet

rainRain is a constant feature of our Spring weather so we’ve got some tips to keep you safe on those wet days

1)    Before you set off turn on your heater controls – rain makes the windows mist up in seconds. You don’t want to be fiddling with controls when you should be concentrating on the road.

2)    Once on the road slow down. It takes longer to stop in wet weather so decreasing your speed is the single most important safety tip when driving in the rain.

3)    Turn your lights on. Whenever you need to use your wipers you should also turn your headlights on. Not only do headlights help you see the road, but they will also help other drivers see you.

4)    Keep your eyes on the road ahead and plan your driving so that you can brake, accelerate and steer smoothly – harsh manoeuvres could unbalance the car.

5)    Strong winds can also unsettle your car and even change your direction of travel so grip your steering wheel firmly.

6)    If possible, stay toward the middle of the road as water tends to collect on the side of the roads so drive as closely to the centre of the road as you can.

7)    If your car loses control, take your foot off the accelerator and stay calm.  Ideally you are suppose to turn your steering wheel in the same direction as the car is skidding but in reality a skid happens so fast that the best advice is just to steer straight until the car regains traction. If you have to brake do it very gently.

8)    Never drive through moving water that you cannot see the ground beneath.. If you have to go through flooded water drive on the highest section of the road and don’t set off if a vehicle is approaching you. Also in deep water never take your foot off the accelerator, as this could allow water to travel up the exhaust pipe.

9)    In heavy rain pedestrians can easily be distracted so keep a sharp lookout for people on the road.

10)                       If it’s raining so hard that you can’t see the road or the car in front of you, if at all possible pull over and wait for the rain to ease.


Geraldine Herbert

22nd February, 2016




Author: Geraldine Herbert

Motoring journalist Geraldine Herbert is the founder of wheelsforwomen. A jury member for the International Women’s World Car of the Year, she has been a motoring journalist for over ten years and is the motoring expert for Good Housekeeping Magazine and their “Women at the Wheel” section of You can follow Geraldine on Twitter at @GerHerbert1

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