Survey reveals females are the most trusted drivers in the UK

road-rageNo matter how safely we drive, there’s always someone bending the rules and putting everyone else at risk. A new survey reveals what annoys us most!

 Most annoying Habits
The most hated habit was using a mobile phone whilst driving – this took just over half of the total vote. In second place was incorrect or no signalling, which was the main gripe of 29% of those surveyed. Applying make-up behind the wheel irritated 9% of drivers the most. Loud music was the second least-hated habit, taking only 8% of the vote. In last place was seeing drivers attempting to program their Sat Nav whilst behind the wheel.

 Most trusted vehicles
The most trusted vehicle on the road was a car, with the least trusted being a van.A massive 43% most trusted cars, while 31% trusted buses the most. Motorbikes were second, snagging 12% of the vote and Lorries were second last, with only 8% of the vote and interestingly more men trusted motorbikes and lorries than women, but women were more likely to trust vans on the road.  Vans came in last, with only 5% trusting them most.

Does colour really matter
You wouldn’t have thought there was much in a colour – but the survey found that people were most likely to trust the drivers of silver cars – 27%, in fact. The least trusted was red, with only 14% of the vote.

It’s an age thing
The most trusted age group by a long shot was 44-60, with 43% of the vote In second place was the one below, 35-43, with 28% of the vote. Third came 26-34 with only 11% of the vote. People were very unlikely to trust 17-25 year olds, with only 9% saying so. The least trusted age group was 61+, with 7% of the vote. Only 7% of 61+ year olds trusted their own age bracket when it came to driving!

 Did our results surprise you? Let us know what bad habits you’ve seen on the road before.

For more results  of the survey click here

4th February, 2014


Author: wheelsforwomen

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