TDI-Tuning gets in touch with its feminine side

TDI-Tuning gets in touch with its feminine side

TDI-Tuning gets in touch with its feminine side



British tuning box design and engineering firm TDI-Tuning is targeting women drivers with a brand new promotional campaign

“Traditionally, our tuning boxes have been bought, fitted and used by men,” muses TDI-Tuning Principal Graeme King. “However, we are aware that women are not disinterested in their car, the way it drives, the issues of performance vs economy, and new technology. Even one of the ladies’ potentially main concerns, i.e. reliability, is safely addressed by our tuning boxes.”

In order to encourage women to try a tuning box on their vehicle, TDI-Tuning is offering a 10% on their full range of products, over the next two months, to ladies who wish to fit a tuning box to their own vehicle.

Internal market research shows that a mere 1% of TDI-Tuning customers are currently women. However, those who do have a tuning box fitted to improve the performance of their vehicle become champions of the technology and remain loyal customers.

“We recently had a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI belonging to a lady, fitted with our CRTD2 tuning box. The car’s performance improved from 115ps to 152ps and fuel consumption decreased by 6 mpg. Its owner is delighted, and will come back to have the box reprogrammed for her next car,” says Graeme.

Benefits which may appeal to lady owners, apart from smoother performance and better fuel consumption, are ease of fitting (the tuning box is a plug-in-and-go device, requiring no specific skills by the owner to fit it), reliability (all tuning boxes come with a three-year warranty and 100% positive feedback score through an independent review service), and have no lasting effect on the vehicle’s engine, leaving absolutely no trace when removed.

Recently, our Hannah Gordon tested a TDI-Tuning box in her Freelander. You can read what she thought of it here:

TDI-Tuning also offers a finance package, thanks to its partnership with the UK’s fastest-growing provider of point-of-sale credit, Pay4Later.

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15th September, 2015


Author: wheelsforwomen

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