What is the world’s most Googled car brand?

Car maintenance brand Holts Auto has used Google data to determine the most-searched for car manufacturers in every country over the past 12 months

Results showed BMW was the most googled car brand in the world, it also came top in the UK.

 Some other results

  • BMW most searched for in 137 countries
  • Toyota came second, coming top in just 21 countries by comparison
  • Mercedes-Benz was third, top in 5 countries
  • Tesla interest is on the rise, the brand came top in 4 countries
  • Ferrari was most searched in Monaco

UK Top 10 Car Brands

We also delved further into the UK results. Comparing monthly UK monthly search figures during lockdown to beforehand offered interesting insights into motorists’ interests – with Brits searching for more aspirational and less practical brands during this time.

Most searched brands ranked:

Lockdown Past 12 months
UK Vol UK Vol
Tesla 368000 BMW 673,000
Audi 246000 Tesla 450,000
BMW 246000 Audi 301,000
Lamborghini 201000 Toyota 301,000
Ford 165000 Lamborghini 246,000
Jaguar 165000 Ford 201,000
Porsche 165000 Vauxhall 201,000
Volkswagen 165000 Volkswagen 201,000
Aston Martin 135000 Hyundai 165,000
Ferrari 135000 Jaguar 165,000

June 30th 2020


Author: wheelsforwomen

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