What to Expect from Electric Cars

electricSales of electric cars may have been slow but the entry of BMW to the fray and the arrival later in the year of the electric VW Golf is set to change things.  But what you can expect from an electric car

1)      Lightning Quick Acceleration

Well that might be a small exaggeration but with lots of torque available from the word go, you will be astounded by the speed at which an electric car takes off. Electric car owners can enjoy winning lots of traffic light drag races and enjoy the surprised looks from other drivers.

2)      Silence

This is one of the biggest culture shocks an EV driver will experience if they have switched from a petrol or diesel powered car. However, drivers who enjoy a fruity engine note will be disappointed. The acceleration of the vehicle may be accompanied by a small hissing sound and a little bit of road and tyre noise coming into the cabin, but that is where the noise ends, and most of the time you will be driving in near silence.

3)      Range Anxiety

Road trips will need to be planned with meticulous attention to detail.  Before your journey you will be crosschecking the distance of the journey against your range and taking into account how using the lights, radio, aircon, heaters etc will impact on your range.

4)      Great Economy

With low running and maintenance costs you will be the smuggest driver in town. Electric cars are the cheapest cars to tax in the UK, currently costing £0 per year. Charging your EV overnight will cost as little as  £2.50–£3, or nothing at all if you can charge you car at one of the  council-installed charging posts. So while everyone else is queuing up at the pumps to be fleeced for dwindling global fossil fuel supplies you will miss it all.

5)      Attention

Electric cars are still a rarity so EV drivers can expect lots of attention on UK roads. Remember you are a trailblazer, a pioneer of electric motoring, and bask in the glow with a smug grin. If you live in a small  town, you will reach new levels of notoriety and you will soon be known as “the one who drives the electric car”.

6)      Car Parking Perks

Behind the wheel of an EV you can avail of those special car parking spaces for EVs that you will find dotted around city streets and car parks around the country. With limited numbers of EVs on our roads, there should always be a space for you.  Unless a non-EV driver has selfishly decided to park in one!


20th March, 2014


Author: wheelsforwomen

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