Worst Rural Road Drivers

country-roadDriving on rural roads holds its own set of challenges. Caroline Kidd lists the worst drivers you can find on a rural road.

1. White Line Bandit

You will meet this driver coming around a corner with one or more tyres over the white line. This driver fancies themselves as a bit of a rally driver and likes to follow the racing line. This is a terrifying driver to meet on a rural road as they will usually be exceeding the speed limit while simultaneously blinding you with their fog lamps.

2. Rural Road Speeder

This driver thinks 50mph is too slow on a rural road and that it is their prerogative to break the speed limit because they ‘know’ the road. It’s scary to meet this driver careering around a corner in your direction. But if you have the misfortune to ‘hold up’ Rural Road Speeder behind you, this driver will sit on your back bumper to intimidate you.

3. Bumper Magnet

This condition is usually manifested in subjects alongside excessive speed. Bumper Magnet will drive up really fast behind you and sit on your rear bumper ‘to speed you up’, even if you are driving at the recommended speed limit.

4. Inappropriately Slow Driver

While on many rural roads the 50mph speed limit is just too fast there is always the painfully slow driver who takes driving slowly into new dangerous territory. Inappropriately Slow Driver is oblivious to the line of angry motorists behind and is a danger because they can infuriate drivers behind so much that they are driven to perform a risky overtaking manoeuvre.. This driver may or may not brake every time they meet an oncoming car which can be equally infuriating for the driver behind.

5. The Farmer

The Farmer drives an ancient 4×4 or tractor covered in mud and never exceeds 3mph. If you are driving behind, a flat cap will alert you to the fact that you are in the company of this driver. This Farmer doesn’t mean any harm but is oblivious to other road users and has a tendency to come onto the road at the worst possible time, when other motorists are in a hurry to get to work or school. There may or may not be an equally docile looking sheepdog in the passenger seat or trailer.


Have we left any out? Which rural road driving habits annoy you the most?

Caroline Kidd

6th February, 2014


Author: wheelsforwomen

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